Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak has founded Efforce, a business that through cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, promotes investments in energy conservation initiatives. 

The organization intends to be a platform to simplify the proceduce of funding and pursuing certain ventures by allowing them, through its token, WOZX, which was announced recently on the HBTC, to receive mass participation from investors. 

The listing has raised its market valuation tenfold to $950 million, Efforce said. The token would also be published on Bithumb Global, a South Korea-based crypto platform in the following week. 

Energy services companies (ESCOs) appear to have restricted exposure to finance, as per Efforce, because they are often unable to move to conventional banking channels because financial institutions lack the technological ability to better determine the profit margin.

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ESCOs will record energy management programs and verify ventures, determine their investment objectives, measure gains and produce energy performance contracts. 

There will be a smart meter on the corporation’s blockchain to calculate the energy efficiency of every venture and convert them into energy credits that are held for usage or sale in user profiles. 

Wozniak shared in a public release, “We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,”

Wozniak, Jacopo Vanetti, Andrea Castiglione and Jacopo Visetti, who were also the founders of AitherCO2, co-created the business.


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