is simply a broker that connects buyers and sellers on the vast forex market. Gasutrade was founded by a group of like-minded financial experts in finance and information technology in 2019 and become one of the fastest growing platform on the Internet. It is a multinational business company. Gasutrade is licensed and regulated by CiSECs. The number of Gasutrade active traders around the world has exceeded 50,342 people.

Gasutrade customers enjoy an excellent level of customer service through a personalized, international approach. Gasutrade’s website is localized with different languages ​​and customer support in 24/7 customer support.

7 outstanding advantages of Gasutrade

1. Gasutrade is now automatic and instant deposits and withdrawals
The current most prominent advantage of Gasutrade right now is automatic and instant deposit and withdrawal. This means that when you make a deposit or withdrawal, it all happens automatically and without human intervention, so transactions usually happen very quickly and instantly. So when comparing Gasutrade with other exchanges, Gasutrade’s deposit and withdrawal speed is almost the fastest. If you have joined other exchanges, you also know that the withdrawal time from other exchanges is usually from 1 to 3 working days, which is very time consuming. Because of this strength, many traders believe that this is the main reason to decide to play at Gasutrade.

2. Professional customer support team:
Currently, Gasutrade has a strong support team including marketing and customer care team, so whenever you have a problem, you can contact they immediately.

3. Gasutrade does not have a minimum deposit
Another interesting point is that Gasutrade does not have a minimum deposit. There are 4 different types of trading accounts at Gasutrade depending on your trading strategy. There are 2 types of accounts that do not have a minimum deposit level so it is very suitable for new members to join the floor or just want to check the floor before joining. For the most part, international exchanges usually have a relatively high minimum deposit from $ 100 to $ 200. So you can freely experience Gasutrade with an extremely low minimum amount.

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4. Gasutrade exchange is one of the most transparent forex exchanges
Exchange Gasutrade was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Malta. All management information on this floor is always published, so it will help traders more easily tracked. Besides, all revenue reports are done by the world’s largest auditing company so rest assured!

5. Gasutrade exchange received many valuable awards
Over the years operating in the financial sector with non-stop efforts, they has become the leading forex floor in many countries in the world. The exchange has received many valuable awards such as the best retail broker, best order management …

6. Their exchange has absolute security
This is one of the biggest advantages of Gasutrade exchange that many traders like the most. Because this will ensure the interests of professional traders when investing in large sums of money. For example: When your account has abnormal signs, the exchange will automatically freeze to verify your identity and source of money before allowing you to re-order.

7. Super low Spread and high leverage
Exchange Gasutrade offers a wide variety of trading accounts with both fixed and floating spreads. Thereby, depending on their needs, traders can choose the appropriate spread. The spread here is considered by traders as super low, only from 0.3pip.

In addition, the leverage ratio at this forex is very attractive 1: infinity. However, the condition for using this leverage is forcing traders to trade a minimum of 5 lots and the amount not to exceed 1000 USD.

However, it exist some drawbacks

1. Gasutrade is a relatively complex account creation
What many people complain about at Gasutrade is that the account creation is relatively complicated. Many people are frustrated with the steps to create an account. At Gasutrade, there is not a good user experience creating an account, but this is also their disadvantage, but it can be said that creating an account is difficult, but the same is to enhance the security of the exchange. Because the exchange has many pretty good functions as mentioned above, such as automatic deposit and withdrawal, security issues to prevent money laundering, traders will limit many risks in the future.

2. Gasutrade accounts are often locked out (due to the automatic cyber-attacked detection system, you absolutely can contact to the support to re-activate your account
Gasutrade accounts are often locked out. If you deposit 5 million USD 1 day at a time, your account will be put on the blacklist suspected of money laundering. And Gasutrade will temporarily lock your account for a few days to verify your funds before opening an account for you to trade again. It is important to appreciate Gasutrade on this issue for its compliance with the law.


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