FXTradingMarkets is a international broker with a 5 years growth and performance track record. It gives investors the ability to exchange with attractive trading conditions and modern technologies. The business delivers top-class customer service via its loyal and competent team of workers, focused on a safe and well-regulated company.

Let’s review their 6 highlight features:

Different types of currency pairs: Over 50 currency pairs (at the review time), are provided by Europe Capital Group to exchange. Consumers may trade nine asset groups on this website, namely forex

Education: Webinars, videos, tips, trading software and advanced charting are included in the instructional content available at FXTradingMarkets. New investors will find some helpful background information.

Portfolio Analysis: they provide a vast amount of data. All is in real time and contains details such as ‘margin required’, ‘pip value’ and ‘trade value’ so that an educated decision can be taken by the investor.

Payment Methods: In terms of flexibility, FXTradingMarkets is a top competitor, embracing a range of safe deposit methods:
– Free Bank Transfers
– Approximately all big credit and debit cards (2 percent deposit fee)
– E-wallets

Customer support: Via Live Chat and email, customer service can be contacted. The assistance is provided 24 hours a day and practically 24/7 from 8 am Saturday to 10 pm Friday, most outstandingly. This helps FXTradingMarkets to be one of the few brokers offering this coverage level which will probably be of special interest to investors.

Daily News: One of FXTradingMarkets’s distinctive features is that they deliver daily updates with market outlook and review to brace users for a new trading day.

Based on their customer feedback, we can have a summary of most 6 trader’s benefits:

1) Ease of use
It’s easy to use this platform. FXTradingMarkets has a range of accounts larger than that of the peers, so it’s undoubtedly a benefit for their buyers to be able to pick the one which best fits them. It takes just a couple of minutes to create an account.

2) Emphasis on customer service
FXTradingMarkets places an emphasis on customer service which includes 24/5 telephone support with access to the dealing desk and live chat facility. This, more than any other feature, buoyed them in the rankings, as being able to readily contact a broker is crucial, especially for clients new to the arena of online trading.

3) Protection for client accounts
FXTradingMarkets includes negative balance security which is a very significant function provided nowadays by most online brokers. In addition, it also provides guaranteed stop losses, which saves the trader from the threats caused by a market gap.

4) Account and trading incentives available
Rewards are applicable, such as premium services for high-balance buyers and discounts for high-volume investors.

5) High transparency
Transparency is always encouraged and a whole database of regulatory and compliance documents can be downloaded by FXTradingMarkets customers. Besides, it’s easy to see forms describing all the ins and outs of the trading process.

6) Security
FXTradingMarkets is supervised by one of the Europe’s key regulatory bodies, which is well respected internationally for being stringent and guaranteeing that trading practices are equal for both individuals and companies. Via its negative balance protection, they offer consumers with an assurance that they will not lose more than they have in their deposits. Furthermore, all consumer assets are kept in 1 accounts.

On the other hand, they also have disadvantages

Maintenance of websites needs some to be desired. Its online presence is a defining characteristic of a successful organisation. While the FXTradingMarkets website is well built with an elegant look, there are some obsolete contents or few broken links and pages. However, it’s obvious that the platform is working so hard in this issue to make it much better.

The company’s prices within the sector are reasonable and it ranks pretty high in customer service. With these positive qualities and its obvious emphasis on practical simplicity, FXTradingMarkets is well-suited for beginning traders. For advanced traders, they can find it useful, too


Our Review shows that the product suite provided by FXTradingMarkets is very desirable. It’s undeniable that the platform has invested so much time and resources to create such a good platform. FXTradingMarkets is an all-round platform that strives to offer customers what they need to prosper.


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