After its debut, China’s virtual Yuan has been experiencing a range of tests. The nation has made many efforts at establishing a foothold in its virtual money. 

Even, China has just airdropped an extra $3 million worth of its DCEP to some Suzhuo citizens in the trial process, as per a new article.  As the nation newly granted the properties to some citizens of Shenzhen, a city in China which has been essential to the production and research of the DCEP, this seems to be a China’s new testing process. 

The fortunate people, being any lottery winners, were given 200 RMB to invest and try out locally in China’s DCEP. In other terms, both of these champions won $30 worth of free Digital Yuan each. 

A new study has reported that China has just made ten thousand residents of another city, Suzhou happy again. This is a town that is well recognised for its excellent Classical Gardens.

These lucky people now have $30 worth of Digital Yuan. rIn addition, the new airdrop represents some minor improvements relative to the recent airdrop in Shenzhen. 

Tiền kỹ thuật số Trung Quốc (DCEP) đang thử nghiệm tại 4 thành phố

This time, unlike the former DCEP incentive, which could only be used locally, the new decline in Suzhou encourages people to spend their resources on both offline and online stores. Carries Out The Funds as a Member of DCEP 

The huge airdrop that delivered another RMB200 to the Suzhou citizens’ pocket was launched by JD Digits, the first online portal to embrace China’s virtual money. 

JD Digits is the technology branch of one of China’s leading online stores,, headquartered in Beijing. This business has been the the very first integration collaborator with DCEP. 

Therefore, even as the current trial of the Digital Yuan anticipates success in the growth of China’s Digital Yuan, still sees effectiveness in its position as an integration collaborator for DCEP.


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