The release of a cross-chain connection between it and Ethereum has been confirmed by the Chinese public blockchain venture Nervos. 

On Dec. 17, with the link featuring native aid for ERC-20 tokens and zero friction transactions between Ethereum and the CKB chain of Nervos, the release of the Nervos ‘Force Bridge was announced. 

The staff believes that its bridge was motivated by the “Force Staff” instrument from the famous Dota 2 game, which enables players to compel object motions around their virtual environment. 

Nervos argues that its untrustworthy design streamlines the measures taken to carry out cross-chain transactions, defining other crossings as requiring a new property to be deployed on the goal chain, publishing the address on Ethereum, and defining the relationship between property exchange to reach inter-chain usability.

Developers, on the other hand, do not have to create any implementations to reach Force Bridge, as Nervos’ bridge lets customers to implement the ERC-20 only to facilitate asset transfers, with the native help of CKB for ERC-20 smart contracts needing no further measures to execute contracts. The co-creator of Nervos, Kevin Wang, stated:

“Interoperability has been and continues to be a main focus of the Nervos team as we develop our infrastructure to support next generation DeFi applications.”

Nervos launches Ethereum bridge it says devs can use right out of the box

Users of Ethereum will easily get exposed to Force Bridge from their account. The group expect that Ethereum designers will look to add their DApp community and customer base to the Nervos platform. 

The increasing popularity of Ethereum in the third-quarter DeFi explosion and the introduction of the Eth2 beacon chain in December has encouraged many famous blockchain ventures to launch connections between their own channels and Ethereum. 

Ava Labs launched its Avalanche-Ethereum connection on Nov. 24, which was built as part of its Avalanche-X assistance program by ChainSafe. In August, the Web3 Foundation granted PureStake a funding to improve cross-chain usability between Ethereum and Moonbeam’s Substrate-based smart contracts. 

Many ventures are still trying to create cross-chain infrastructure beyond Ethereum, with Chorus One obtaining a fund in November to create the connection between Celo and Cosmos.


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