is a global forex and CFD broker based in Europe. The company is run by a number of financial authorities around the world, including the Europe Financial Authority (ECA) and the PKNF.

This forex exchange is considered safe as regulated by at least one leading financial institution, the ECA.

According to our recent research, we found that FBSTrader has many significant advantages. To be more specific, let’s dive deeper into these details.

Firstly, when we invest in any forex floor, we are first impressed by the low fees, and this is also one of the most considerable points of FBSTrader. They have low transaction fees and non-transaction fees. In transaction fees, there are low fees for forex. FBSTrader’s non-transaction fees are also low. No activity or account fees. There is also no withdrawal fee if you withdraw the amount above $100.

Moreover, its account opening process is hassle-free, completely digital, and simple. Your account will be ready for trading on the same day. FBSTrader accepts customers from all over Europe and from most countries around the world. Some European customers can verify their identities via video, which is very great.

Furthermore, the deposit and withdrawal fees are affordable, fast, and can be taken in various forms.

In FBSTrader, credit or debit cards are available. They provide free withdrawal and no deposit fees. So that is one of the most attractive.

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In addition, the platform is easy to use, customizable and has good looking functionality. The search functionality is useful. There are many different ways you can search for a property. Another useful feature of the platform is its trading calculator, which helps you calculate margin, commission, and other essential trade parameters. 

FBSTrader mobile platform has good looking functionality with a modern design. The desktop trading platform is easy to use, clear fee report and good customization (for charts, workspace).

The research tools are quite user-friendly which is one of the critical reasons when we wonder should we join this forex platform. There are tons of tools to help you choose which tools to trade, and the news flow has some trading idea suggestions as well. They provide good interactive charts, quality news streams, and especially user-friendly.

FBSTrader’s live and phone chat support is reliable and fast, and you can contact them in multiple languages. Their service has phone support, live chat, and quick response time. The response was very quick, and the customer responded very well. Many customers have had a great experience. They answered the phone immediately, and we got a relevant response.

They have a well-organized and well-organized training department, provides written and video materials and tutorials on trading platforms. And FBSTrader is regulated by a number of financial institutions globally, including the leading ECA. The company is listed on a stock exchange and regularly discloses its financial statements.

However, we found that they have some drawbacks. 

FBSTrader research tools are user-friendly; however, detailed baseline data is not available. The mobile platform has good looking functionality with a modern design. On the other hand, there is no two-step authentication. (be sooner updated according to their statement on website)

In conclusion, FBSTrader is a good forex broker. The exchange is regulated by a number of financial institutions around the globe, including the ECA

On the plus side, the forex’s CFD fees and its stock indices are low, and the deposit and withdrawal process is free and fast. We also like the seamless and hassle-free account opening process.

Even though FBSTrader has some disadvantages, their positive points are over. So we recommend it for those enjoy forex and want to enjoy excellent deposit and withdrawal options and fast account opening. Don’t be afraid to check with a demo account.


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