Ethereum 2.0 has now appeared as the 4th-biggest overall value stake-locked proof-of-stake system within approximately six weeks after the Eth2 deposit contract went online. 

Approximately 1 billion worth of Ether (ETH) has already been allocated for staking, given withdrawing features not yet allowed and no specific estimate for its complete official release. Over  1.5 million Ether, or 1.35 percent of the stock of Ethereum, has been invested for staking, as per cryptocurrency data aggregator Staking Rewards. 

Ether staking incentives are now valued at about 13.20 percent, which means that at the market price of about $645, a single stake of 32 ETH will gain $2,725 over a course of one year.

Đề xuất mới từ Mikhail Kalinin giúp Ethereum chuyển đổi sang ETH 2.0 dễ  dàng hơn

Polkadot, the product of co-creator Gavin Wood of Ethereum, is now the leading cumulative value-locked stakeholder network. The system has seen 67.51 percent of its stakeable supply, estimated at approximately $3.4 billion, after the launch Polkadot’s mainnet in May.Cardano, a competing channel of fellow Ethereum co-creator Charles Hoskinson, rates as a near second, with a staking TVL of $3.37 billion locked after July for 65.53 percent of its availability.

In 2018, Tezos introduced staking and has the largest network envolvement rate among staking systems, ranked 79.43 percent among the top 50 digital currencies by market capitalisation. Tezos has a present $1.38 billion stake cap.Cosmos has also turned into a noteworthy proof-of-stake channel since its launch of mainnet in the previous year with a staking TVL of $915,593,114 locked up for 71.77 percent of its availability.

Although the creators of Ethereum 2.0 have yet to offer a definite timeline when customers will be able to withdraw their staked Ether, Rocket Pool staking servicer lately predicted that the feature will become operational within the first 3 months of next year 2021.


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