Coinbase has given the first-ever Bitcoin Core developer funding to the virtual currency platform, and a popular one is in the lists. 

Earlier this week, the winners were chosen by João Barbosa and 0xB10C, the alias of an anonymous developer. Even though support sums have not been announced, Coinbase stated both programmers would be sponsored in amounts payable via BTC or USD to work on Bitcoin for almost all of the year 2021. 

As Coinbase declares:

“Both candidates demonstrated a consistent history of contributing to Bitcoin Core, and provided the Fund’s advisory board […] with a clear, actionable outline of the projects they intend to work on.”

Before his funds were unexpectedly cut along with fellow entrepreneur Jonas Schnelli, Barbosa’s production work was formerly supported by crypto mining company Bitmain. 

The development process of Barbosa is focused on optimizing the customer interface of Bitcoin Core on Android and iOS mobile phones. Centered on the Qt Quick system, he intends to apply the funding money to build a Bitcoin Core GUI. 

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In October, Coinbase initially revealed its Crypto Community Fund as a means for Bitcoin Core to support codebase advancement. Coinbase aims to extend the scheme to all kinds of cryptocurrency ventures in the upcoming time, based on the popularity of the initial funds. 

In early 2009, Bitcoin was released without a fundraiser or donation from investors. Early pioneers aided in paving the way for the creation of modern monetary environments. There are currently more than 8,100 digital currencies competing for acceptance covering many markets, cases of use, and geographic regions. João Barbosa did not reply for comment up to this point.


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