Bittrex also selected 3 more coins to the list of deletions very soon after confirming the cancellation of Ripple (XRP) after the SEC fine. Intriguingly, Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), and ZCash (ZEC) are all so-called security tokens. 

In an earlier announcement recently, the Seattle, Washington-based digital currency platform stated that it would withdraw Monero, Dash, and ZCash from its international site. 

Bittrex will offer its customers with up to 30 days to remove the ousted tokens after market deletions.The firm, nevertheless, cautioned that in “some cases” the termination time could be reduced. Accordingly, the company instructed its clients to transfer the tokens soon.

Bittrex To Delist Monero, Zcash, and Dash - BtcPro

The news today arrives only days after the exchange platform announced it will remove the native digital currency of Ripple (XRP). Nonetheless, in the two announcement, there is one important distinction. 

The SEC filed suit against Ripple, charging that a $1.3 billion unlicensed security product was made by the payment gateway. As a consequence, the XRP token was suspended from its respective sites by various digital currency platforms. 

Although this appeared logical to some degree, Bittrex refused to offer any clear explanations why it wanted to remove Monero, ZCash, and Dash, three of the oldest and most famous digital currencies.

Anyway, everyone should remembe that since the launch, all three security tokens have fallen.Monero fell from $169 to $155 promptly, Dash fell from $102 to $95, and ZCash fell from $67 to $60.

XMR/USD, ZEC/USD, DASH/USD. Source: TradingView
XMR/USD, ZEC/USD, DASH/USD. Source: TradingView


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