• Morgan Stanley, having a total of 792,627 shares, after lifting the total stake in MicroStrategy to 10.9 percent. 
  • Growing interest in MicroStrategy tends to derive from the spectacular surge in Bitcoin. 
  • The investment in Bitcoin by MicroStrategy as the main treasury commodity renders it a de facto ETF.

Morgan Stanley, a global investment bank and financial management provider, reported control of 10.9% of the stock of MicroStrategy. As Bitcoin experienced its price surge over 170 percent, this additional expenditure of 650,000 shares in Q3 of 2020 arrived. 

The investment in MicroStrategy by Morgan Stanley 

Partly, the move of Morgan Stanley to spend in MicroStrategy is attributable to the excellent success of its portfolio in the last quarter of 2020. Maybe the praise for the success of MicroStrategy is attributable to their entry into Bitcoin in August 2020, which was truly revolutionary, particularly given the size of their allocation.

Microstrategy: metà degli asset è in bitcoin - The Cryptonomist

As of January 9, 2021, MicroStrategy benefited greatly a total of 336 percent on its Bitcoin stake, and its stock price surged over 330 percent during the same timeframe. From a financial point of view, the company’s decision paid off thus opening the way for other organizations to jump on board. 

After MicroStrategy revealed its involvement in the groundbreaking digital currency, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s payments system, Square, spent a sizeable $50 million in Bitcoin. Stone Ridge Holdings, 3iQ The Bitcoin Fund, Agro Blockchain PLC, and Fortress Blockchain include several of the other entities that jumped on the bandwagon.

Morgan Stanley is not the first participant to lift its investments in MicroStrategy, and it will not be the final. In order to protect against the increasing volatility in the international financial environment, many high net worth companies are searching for new investment options. Many that do not personally invest in Bitcoin are doing so, such as Morgan Stanley did, by buying stocks from firms that are open to this digital currency. 

Broadly put, the investment in Bitcoin as a key treasury commodity of MicroStrategy renders it a de facto ETF.


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