A study released recently by CoinShares, a digital currency investment firm, reported that there is ample proof of possible profit-taking by retail investors as some cryptocurrency investment products have seen substantial outflows over the previous week.

The digital currency sector received only $29 million in investment inflows in the previous week, a significant 97 percent decline from $1.09 billion inflows in the week before Christmas, as per the released report, as institutional investors begin profit-taking in 2021. In addition, CoinShares stated that as the previous market surge drove the valuation of cryptocurrency investment products to a historical level, the overall digital currency assets now stays at approximately $34.4 billion.

The formal document said that, “There has been much greater investment product participation in the recent price rises as their respected volumes averaged 10.5% of total Bitcoin trading volumes. These represent levels not witnessed since December 2017, but that is likely where the similarities end. We have seen much greater investor participation this time round with net new assets at US$8.2bn compared to only US$534m in December 2017,”

Reasons Why Investing in Bitcoin is Still a Good Idea

In addition, CoinShares illustrated that ever since May 2019, the weekly cryptocurrency fund inflows have stayed optimistic amid some obstacles, as consumers began embracing digital currency items as a store of wealth. 

Funds of digital currency 

Throughout 2020, the average valuation of controlled digital currency investments across numerous financial companies gained considerable valuation, but it appear that retail investors are earning some gains in 2021. The pattern has been apparent in recent data from Grayscale, the biggest fund manager in the globe.Grayscale’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BCH funds have experienced outflows over the past seven days, as per Bybt, a cryptocurrency statistics business.

The overall value of the regulated digital currency reserves of Grayscale fell from $28.4 billion on 9 January to $24.5 billion on 12 January. The latest adjustment to top digital assets has strengthened the decrease in the coporation’s overall valuation of managed digital currencies.With a combined valuation of more than $20 billion, Bitcoin was Grayscale’s biggest portfolio.


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