Glassnode, an on-chain cryptocurrency analytics company, announced major on-chain support for BTC at around $47,000, defining the case as the biggest on-chain support detected after Bitcoin broke above $11,000 in late 2020.

As per a study from Glassnode on March 8, roughly 1.2 million Bitcoin were pushed on-chain as the value of BTC exchanged between $45,500 and $48,900 after jumping off a local low around $45,000 last week.

As support was created, approximately 6.5 percent of Bitcoin’s circulating supply shifted on-chain, according to Glassnode CTO Rafael Schultze-Kraft.

Although Glassnode speculated that the big Bitcoin movements could be due to accumulation, the company also admitted that the increase in on-chain operation could be due to sellers rushing to get their coins into transactions:

“An important question we must ask is whether this volume on-chain is associated with accumulation, or is it instead a rush for the exits by sellers.”

Nevertheless, the number of Bitcoins kept on platforms has proceeded to decrease, with 32,500 BTC removed from centralized platforms in the week, according to the study’s writers.

On-chain transaction has also been growing, with Glassnode estimating that the Bitcoin network has transferred upwards of $10 billion a day on average this year. According to the results, daily settlements have surpassed $16 billion five times in 2021.

Bitcoin’s transaction value is only scarcely the amount of 0.2 percent of the regular forex market volume, according to Twitter account “,” implying that there is still lots of good space for Bitcoin to develop!


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