According to new news out of South Africa, privately owned businesses are exchanging a section of their cash reserves to bitcoin in order to protect themselves from currency depreciation. As per one survey, LSD Open, a South African open-source tech specialist company, could be the first to take the risk after allegedly purchasing $134,000 in bitcoin.

Philosophy of Bitcoin

According to a indigeous study, LSD Open made the buy in two different deals, paying an average of just over $34,200 per BTC. The valuation of LSD Open’s BTC shares had risen by nearly 70% in only “a couple of weeks” at the time of publication. In the meantime, Bitfund, a localized digital currency platform, supported LSD Open’s BTC acquisition, according to the study.

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LSD Open CEO Stefan Lesicnik is cited as describing how bitcoin’s features fit with his corporation’s philosophy. According to Lesicnik:

Our vision is to make the world more open, and bitcoin supports our philosophy on how we believe the world works best.

Working in the open-source space, according to the CEO, attracts many digital currency proponents who are drawn to the decentralized, open essence of digital currencies.  LSD Open is also interested in a broad scope of the network, namely operating and supporting bitcoin complete nodes, according to Lesicnik.

More firms are considering buying Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Dean Joffe, co-creator of Bitfund, is quoted in the same article as saying that his company has helped seven or eight South African companies to purchase digital currencies – mostly bitcoin and stablecoins including USDC.  Joffe also mentions that his firm is in talks with two Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed firms about implementing the same thing with them.

These firms, though, have not yet pushed the button on any digital currency acquisitions, according to the study.


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