Flipkart, India’s biggest e-commerce firm by revenue, has announced that Bitcoin payments will be accepted, in what many believe is an April Fools’ Day joke.

Flipkart stated it will consider Bitcoin (BTC) “as a flexible form of payment” for its online platform in a tweet previously.  Given the context — this is April Fools’ Day in India at the time of publishing — several consumers have refused to recognize the e-commerce corporation’s obvious pro-crypto position.

Flipkart, based in Bangalore, stated to have over 200 million customers as of July 2020, suggesting that cryptocurrency transactions on the site may be positive for the Indian economy. Nevertheless, there have been rumors that the Indian authorities is considering enacting a prohibition on personal digital currencies. Many Flipkart customers seemed to be skeptical of the corporation’s statements.

“A massive company like Flipkart would not take such a risk given the uncertainties in the regulations here,” stated Twitter account Shrikar Parashar.

Despite the fact that several Crypto Twitter participants assumed the statement was an April Fools’ joke, many stated the tweet was still an optimistic sign for the sector and positive for Bitcoin recognition.

Others hypothesized that if Flipkart failed to fulfill its commitments on Bitcoin payments, the supposed joke would scare consumers away:

About April 1st, the cryptocurrency field is inundated with false news stories that often go popular until the majority of people know they were just jokes. Toilet Paper Token (TPT) has been the number “0” digital asset in CoinMarketCap’s ranking of digital currencies by market cap for a few years. Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, pranked its over 600,000 Twitter followers in the previous year by announcing the arrival of an energy drink that was just like another famous beverage.


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