Because of the backlash from WhatsApp’s latest user agreements, encoded chat app Signal has grown in popularity in recent time. Therefore, at least for their consumers in the United Kingdom, now is definitely a decent opportunity for them to check out something different. They’ve revealed that they’re developing a new Signal Payments functionality, and they’re looking for people in the United Kingdom to help them try it out. Signal customers can now exchange MobileCoin from inside the chat application as part of a pilot program.

When you’re using the Signal beta and stay in the United Kingdom, you’ll see a new Signal Payments tab after updating to the current edition. You can connect your MobileCoin account to it so that you can transfer digital currency to friends and relatives. You will also send and collect money from them, as well as keep a record of your past transactions and present account. You can add MobileCoin to your wallet by purchasing it on the FTX digital currency platform.

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The payment part is also confidential, as Signal places a high value on confidentiality. MobileCoin is a privacy-focused product in and of itself, because you have complete control over your information. Signal would not have exposure to personal information such as the balance, transfer details, or funds. And, since you are not tied into Signal Payments or MobileCoin, you can quickly move your assets to some other applications.

Since digital currency continues to elicit mixed reactions from the general population, Signal’s addition of this transaction alternative may have an effect on their public perception, based on how things progress. They’ve built a strong reputation for their encoded service, but any mistakes made in this Signal Payments function, particularly when it comes to confidentiality, could end up backfiring. However, if they are able to aplly end-to-end encryption, this can give consumers peace of mind.

Signal Payments is only in testing in the United Kingdom for the time being. Once  they get input from the existing beta participants, they intend to extend it to other nations.


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