Kinguin, a pioneering gaming platform, is now foraying into the emerging NFT market.

NFT Gaming Cards are now available from Kinguin

Immutable X was previously introduced to alleviate the high processing costs and delays associated with blockchain technology. The announcement came at a good time, given the recent cryptocurrency spike. The solution saved consumers over $400,000 in petrol costs in the first 24 hours.

The venture is now collaborating with Kinguin, a Steam-like solution. Immutable’s technology will be used by Kinguin to launch blockchain-based “Gaming Cards” that can be purchased and sold on the system’s platform. Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, Kinguin’s manager and CEO, has speculated at other applications such as new bounties and exclusive offers. At the time of publication, the specific information of these was undisclosed.

The transition would also introduce the world of digital currency to a wider gaming community.

Immutable X – The NFT Specific Blockchain

Kinguin has a customer base of ten million people, all of whom have never purchased an NFT. In addition to funding prominent gaming tournaments and opening the Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Europe, the organization wields significant clout in the wider esports industry.

Wanli stated: 

“We are excited to partner up with Immutable X on innovative NFTs and smart contract offerings to gamers and esports enthusiasts worldwide. We see the ultimate value in bringing new rich experiences and functionality to these global communities.” 

Wanli and his team preferred Immutable to collaborate with in way to lure such interest.

The use of blockchain networks can be prohibitively expensive, making even the basic minting of a virtual art piece prohibitively expensive. The smallest surge of new customers serves as a painful reminder of the technology’s limitations. Immutable has thus attempted to establish itself as a scalability project with a particular emphasis on the NFT space. This name would be put to the test by collaborating with Kinguin.

The co-creator of Immutable, Robbie Ferguson, said: 

“Kingun comes in with massive marketplace building knowledge, structures and experience, and we’re very excited about the unique trading experiences that they’ll be able to create and scale on Immutable X.”


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