According to reports, Thailand’s Brooker Group is the first publicly listed firm to have bitcoin on its assets. The firm announced that it had purchased 122.3158 bitcoins valued $6.6 million, or 200 million baht.

Bitcoin welcomes a Thai public company.

Globally, the number of public corporations invested in bitcoin is increasing. According to the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s The Brooker Group (BROOK) has been the nation’s first publicly listed firm to disclose its digital currency assets. The Brooker Group is an international consultancy firm that works for both private and public sector customers in Thailand and around the world.

Prior to The Brooker Group’s announcement, only a few Thai publicly listed firms, like Ananda Development and Major Cineplex Group, approved digital currencies as a form of payment. None of them had reported some bitcoin or other digital currency in their holdings.

The Brooker Group PCL-Bangkok PostBusiness

Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol, Secretary-General of the SEC, clarified:

Listed companies’ decisions to invest in any asset class, including digital assets, is entirely up to the company’s board of directors who must make investment decisions with caution and responsibility.

The Brooker Group revealed its digital currency assets in a report with the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission previously in the week. The business stated its subsidiary in Hong Kong purchased 122.3158 BTC worth US$6.6 million or 200 million baht via US-listed cryptocurrency platforms in the initial quarter of this year.

The firm’s board of directors has also accepted a gross investment of $48 million (roughly 1.5 billion baht). In the coming time, the firm stated it will spend up to 50% in digital properties. The Brooker Group also intends to broaden its digital currency portfolio beyond bitcoin to include stablecoins and other digital currencies.


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