Aaron Russell had spent years as a software engineer until deciding to devote his efforts to make it possible for other programmers to build on Bitcoin. He realized he was home when he discovered Bitcoin SV, which helps programmers to create flexible and powerful software. Since then, he’s developed software aimed at entrepreneurs, and in a new conversation with Bitcoin Association, Russell reflected on his Bitcoin experience and his upcoming ambitions.

According to Russell, the possible uses of software running on a public ledger fascinated him. He continued that the ability to construct a network of interconnected apps based on a common kernel of truth—the blockchain—generates an infinite universe of possibilities.

“One of the things that interests me a lot is the notion of building interoperable applications and services where you have the blockchain as this single source of truth, and data that lives on the blockchain can be shared in creative ways between different applications,” Russell stated.

Russell is the developer creating some of the most useful applications for Bitcoin programmers. He created PayPresto, a toolkit that enables web wallets to interact with complicated Bitcoin transfers, via his firm Chronos Labs. As a result, programmers will be able to incorporate smart contracts into their Bitcoin apps. Russell is also the creator of TXforge, an open-source transaction builder used by programmers to make complicated and scalable blockchain transactions.

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He stated, “What I’m trying to do is build tools that are accessible and promote pragmatic ways of building applications by making the process easier.”

Russell chose Bitcoin SV because it is the only blockchain network that grows indefinitely, has relatively few transfers, and has a secure protocol, according to Russell.

Russell said, “For me, it’s always been painfully obvious that the blockchain must scale – that’s always been crystal clear to me.”

The software engineer understands the importance of his part in the ecosystem. Russell is encouraging programmers, including those without specialized expertise, to create apps on Bitcoin by keeping it very simple to do so. He believes that in time, this will draw a new pool of talent to the room.

He ended by encouraging developers to try their hand at developing on the Bitcoin platform.

“If you are looking to get into Bitcoin development, definitely make use of the tools that are out there – there are lots of great starter tools. You can start building really simple applications in a day if you’re already familiar with the basics of JavaScript.”


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