As per a recently issued draft guidance from the Ministry of Transport requesting public comments on Wednesday, China would improve security protection across blockchain-based electronic delivery systems for imported containers.

This guidance concentrates on situations involving electronic delivery of coming containers using blockchain technology, trying to cover compliance legislation like construction and data requirements, and describes the interactive format of container records on the chain in this situation, which is used for making plans, construction, and control of the electronic delivery system of shipping containers, which is based on blockchains with the participants from many parties.

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According to the guidance, the system’s security protection level ought not to be lower than the 3rd level of national data security safety, and security controls like encoded transmitting, verification, and data signature verification must be implemented using a national commercial cryptographic algorithm.

To facilitate encryption technology and storage of private data, safeguard global corporate secret information and personal privacy, and protect social public interests and business valid rights and interests, required information security management methods and technological means must be embraced during the data collection, handling, and release process. Based on how sensitive the data is, it is required to evaluate if the data is accessible to the data interacting party.

In June, China’s industrial regulator and cyberspace watchdog together released a guide to accelerate the nation’s blockchain development and use. The paper also outlined a strategy to make China’s blockchain sector the world’s leading one by 2025.


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