As per a Bloomberg post, Anthony Di Iorio, one of the creators of Ethereum and the owner of the digital firm Decentral, has confirmed his departure from the digital currency industry.

As per reports in the US media, the billionaire has not been safe in this sector since 2017, and that the sector of digital currencies “has a risk profile […] If I focused on bigger problems, I think I would be safer”.

Anthony Di Iorio plans to sell Decentral Inc. and go back to philanthropy and other ventures unrelated to digital currencies. Nevertheless, he has stated that he would not leave this world and that he will adopt them when it is needed, as per the article.

Di Lorio has posted on his social media account

Evidently, Di Lorio is entirely selling his digital currencies, according to certain sources. When confronted with this, the entrepreneur has stated on his Twitter account that he had no plans to do so in the future. “I even have purchases to deliver in the next few months/years.”

Similarly, he has stated that the primary motivation for selling Decentral was to concentrate on wider international issues and, among many other things, the motivation to concentrate on philanthropic projects is a priority.

Iorio’s exit comes at a critical time in the industry’s growth. On the one hand, the cryptocurrency has met opposition owing to environmental and regulatory issues, but on the other hand, nations like as El Salvador and Paraguay have made positive moves.


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