As per a statement on Twitter, the Solana network was up and operating smoothly again on Wednesday after a rush in transaction traffic caused the blockchain to break down the day before.

Solana notified its validators, which help maintain the system safe, how they might assist in restarting the mainnet in a tweet.

A spike in network activity led the system to malfunction. After Tuesday, Solana’s transaction load reached 400,000 transactions per second. In addition, the business stated that intermittent instability had interrupted certain services.

“These transactions flooded the transaction processing queue, and lack of prioritization of network-critical messaging caused the network to start forking,” Solana’s team stated on Twitter.

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Forking occurs when the blockchain divides and the software of various miners, or validators, does not match, which happened when the transactions rushed in. Therefore, it’s important to choose to use which blockchain version.

The solana validator community successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta after an upgrade to 1.6.25. Dapps, block explorers, and supporting systems will recover over the next several hours, at which point full functionality should be restored,” Solana’s team noted.

Solana is noted for its low-cost, quick transactions, which have led to it being dubbed an “ethereum killer” — a competitor to the bigger blockchain.

When transaction volumes spiked on Tuesday, high memory use resulted in network nodes falling down. A network node is a location where a message may be produced, received, or delivered.

As per coinmarketcap, Solana’s sol token was last worth about $US160.20 ($AU219), dropping nearly 5% in the 24 hours to 05:45 ET. Given a massive sell-off in the larger digital currency market, sol hit new highs above $US200 ($AU273) in the previous week.


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