XT.com is a worldwide digital currency exchange with roughly $600 million in 24-hour trading activity. It allows for both margin and OTC (over-the-counter) trading.

Hanryu Bank’s self-developed mainnet governance token, KDC, is listed on worldwide exchanges, which may be attributed to the fact that Korean wave fandoms (BTS, Blackpink, etc.) are prevalent throughout many nations.

KDC is largely utilized for community incentives for over 100 million global Korean wave fandoms via the social network FANTOO and issuing Korean-wave-based NFTs that mix entertainment. By owning non-fungible tokens, Korean wave fans hope that their digital currencies will be validated in the collections of their favorite stars, increasing the value of their collections.

FNS Globally Launches an App Service for FANTOO, a Network-Based Platform  for K-Fans | Business Wire

FANTOO, a Korean wave fandom social network, is hosting events to promote Korean wave fans, including a birthday voting event in September, featuring birthday ads, TV, and offline advertisements for beloved K-pop celebrities.

Hanryu Bank stated,

“This listing of XT.com was made just one month after listing on LBANK at the end of August, to broaden the KDC holders from Asia to Western Europe. We will continue to list on overseas exchanges so that fans can use FANTOO, FandomChain, and KDC more conveniently.”

In the meantime, Hanryu Bank previously became a member of the Metaverse Alliance, one of the Korean New Deal projects hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and is speeding up the development of IT, blockchain, and metaverse technologies to encourage the Korea wave worldwide.


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