The National Development and Reform Commission of China seeks public input on whether cryptocurrency mining should be included in its list of “phased-out” sectors.

In a press statement released on Thursday, the nation’s economic planning body requested public opinions.

After massive crackdowns by authorities in Beijing against cryptocurrency miners, the agency added cryptocurrency mining to its list of obsolete sectors on Sept. 24.

After apparently bouncing back and forth on the matter for the past two years, the commission finally took a firm stance.

The agency’s notification solicited public feedback from “relevant units” and also “people from all walks of life” as part of the public comment period.

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The public comment session will span one month, from Thursday, October 21 to November 21. Members of the public who wish to provide feedback on the subject will have four options: emails, physical mail, and comments sections on the commission’s site.

In a similar event, the commission announced that the United States surpassed China as the world’s leading Bitcoin (BTC) mining country.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, the United States controls almost a third of the worldwide Bitcoin mining hash rate distribution, with Kazakhstan and Russia coming in second and third, respectively.

Cryptocurrency miners in North America have grown their capacity even before Beijing’s ban, with large hardware purchases from big manufacturers like Bitmain and MicroBT.

Chinese miners controlled three-quarters of the worldwide Bitcoin hash rate in the past.

Chinese miners who the prohibition has displaced have allegedly relocated their equipment to other countries, including Kazakhstan, with places like Texas and Florida hoping to welcome some of these businesses.


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