As per Dune Analytics, SuperRare has achieved a new monthly milestone for a total sales volume of $31.4 million with a week remaining till the end of October.

SuperRare is a one-of-a-kind Ethereum NFT marketplace where collectors can buy a blockchain deed of ownership for digital assets, including memes, films, and artwork.

In March, 929 active collectors purchased 3,179 artworks, setting a new monthly sales record of $29.5 million. The average artwork price was between 3.0 and 5.5 Ether (ETH), or $12,600–$23,000.

SuperRare has half as many active collectors purchasing on the marketplace this month as it did in March while having a greater overall sales volume.

NFT art marketplace SuperRare closes $9 million Series A | TechCrunch

This month, 372 active collectors have purchased 726 NFTs worth from 9.5 to 12.2 ETH ($40,000–$51,000).

In other words, SuperRare is selling fewer items to fewer people. On the other hand, those who do are more likely to spend more money on high-ticket things.

For instance, in October, Starry Night Capital, a $100 million NFT collecting fund, accounted for roughly half of SuperRare’s overall trading activity. Over the weekend, it bought “Dankrupt” from artist Xcopy on SuperRare for 469 ETH ($1.9 million).

Snoop Dogg also bought an Xcopy share for  1,300 ETH ($3.9 million) in late September.


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