While the day is still early, CoinMarketCap reveals the top 20 most-visited metaverse projects in the previous week, based on user traction. According to the information, Radio Caca was #1 on the list, with Decentraland coming in second.

The report contains the number of unique visitors, page views, and other on-chain metrics acquired by the projects in real-time, as per CoinMarketCap. Since last week, CryptoCars has surpassed Decentraland as the third most popular metaverse protocol.

Bloktopia came in fourth place with a phenomenal performance in terms of views, while Star Atlas is now in fifth place. Furthermore, The Sandbox drew a lot of attention and is presently ranked sixth. Regardless of how well these metaverse ventures performed in the previous week, they have simply stepped up to the plate with a new level of excellence.

The most popular metaverse projects that people are looking for and viewing on the CoinMarketCap website are below.

CoinMarketCap, in particular, announced the news on its Twitter page at its discretion. The thread also requested Twitter users to determine whether or not their favorite Metaverse project had been able to gain a spot on the list.

They should only do one thing with this: inform CoinMarketCap whether their favorite project made it to the top of the metaverse leaderboard. Moreover, as many other blockchain-based initiatives seek to transform the digital space, this is a terrific time and a wonderful achievement for the whole metaverse community.


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