Bitkub Online, the country’s major digital asset exchange, plans to reach 7 million customers and spread its services internationally this year, beginning in Southeast Asia.

After a big success in 2021, when the rising price of Bitcoin enticed more investors to the market, the firm stated it aims to concentrate on security and product development to suit consumers’ expectations in 2022. This increased the exchange’s trading value and solidified its status as Thailand’s biggest digital asset exchange.

Starting in 2021, the firm announced plans to raise its client base to 7 million, list more than 100 digital assets on the market, boost customer satisfaction to 90%, and extend its services internationally.

Bitkub also intends to sell digital currencies relevant to impending digital phenomena such as the metaverse and decentralized gaming financing to capitalize on their great growth potential.

The firm is boosting its recruitment of professionals in customer service, operations, software engineering, IT development, and many other relevant areas, following its operating strategies and goals. Bitkub aspires to improve the company’s ability to satisfy client requests and give the greatest experience possible.

In terms of business growth, the firm intends to enter neighboring markets such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Laos and is now researching the viability of expanding internationally to strengthen the firm’s competitiveness and establish a client base.

Bitkub said that it is committed to improving the security of its platform and products to safeguard investors and design novel solutions to match changing user demand and behavior.


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