NVIDIA, a multinational provider of graphics processing units and integrated circuit technologies for workstations, home computers, and portable devices, seeks to expand its metaverse product line.

The metaverse is a term used to characterize the next generation of internet content, in which users will be able to interact with items (and other people) in virtual environments in a more immersive, multisensory, and richer manner. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Non-Fungible Tokens, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, and Procedural Image Generation are just a few of the technologies involved.

Build the Metaverse

According to Reuters, NVIDIA is not working on metaverse or metaverse-related things. Instead, it has created a program to help artists and content producers create virtual environments and products that improve the user’s metaverse experience.

To that goal, NVIDIA stated that an undisclosed number of artists would get complimentary copies of its “Omniverse” software. For business customers, a yearly license for this product begins at $9,000 per year.

NVIDIA has released Omniverse, a new toolset for generating virtual environments and metaverse-ready products. Users will be able to develop items or worlds that can later be sold on third-party marketplaces.

In addition, the business launched a series of collaborations with some markets aimed at the distribution of metaverse-related material. Although NVIDIA did not share the details of the agreements, they did say that the initial ones included TurboSquid from Shutterstock, Sketchfab, CGTrader, and Twinburu.

Daz3D, ActorCore, and PlantCatalog will all be releasing Omniverse-ready assets shortly.

The Blockchain Industry and NVIDIA

With this move, NVIDIA is intensifying its plan to solidify its position in the emerging metaverse market.

Several observers predict that the metaverse will become a major business in the medium future, potentially infiltrating conventional gaming. According to Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers, product creation tools for the metaverse may become a $10 billion market opportunity within five years.

NVIDIA’s partnership with the blockchain ecosystem has been very beneficial. Its stock has risen 187 percent in the last year, owing to a surge in sales of its graphics processors, fueled mostly by demand from miners of proof-of-work digital currencies like Ethereum.


NVIDIA’s work in graphics processing, in addition to hardware development, is impressive. It can considerably facilitate the creation of superior metaverse offerings due to artificial intelligence techniques that produce realistic faces and landscapes.


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