Russia continues to harm innocent people. Morpher steps in to help Ukrainian refugees and make people aware of the loss of property rights for ordinary people on both sides. Morpher Arena enables users to trade virtual versions of Russian equities, with all proceeds going to groups that help Ukrainian refugees.

It is possible to generate virtual versions of markets such as stocks, commodities, and currencies. The protocol tracks the price of exchange-traded assets in real-time before simulating the economics of keeping that asset on the blockchain. On Morpher, anything with a real-time data flow may become a market. Moreover, because the underlying stock is never exchanged, investors may speculate on assets without having to own them.

The Russian Stock Market Reopened. Who's Buying? - The New York Times

The protocol does not need direct access to markets and does not benefit underlying asset owners. The platform is intended for speculation and will be available around the clock. Without the requirement to match buyers and sellers, virtual stocks may be shorted and are liquid. Arena returns control to people by allowing them to manage their funds.

Arena is open to anybody with a crypto wallet since it operates permissionless on the Polygon blockchain. In a zero-sum game, Morpher Arena users compete against one another. Users put USDC into a smart contract in exchange for a share of the overall staking pool. The user then chooses a stock on which to wager. Their pool share grows or shrinks in proportion to the stock price. Those that correctly anticipate market performance get a larger share of the pool.

Morpher’s Arena platform attempts to democratize finance. All profits will be donated to humanitarian help organizations in Ukraine, such as Save the Children.


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