The SocialGood initiatives are founded on the firm’s underlying philosophy of improving society. The SocialGood EcosystemTM, an app that offers users free assets, is one of the company’s offerings. The more people who buy the things, the more money they have. At the same time, this helps to societal development. This ecosystem has attracted merchants like AliExpress, eBay, Lazada, and and has relationships with over 1,800 big firms and brands worldwide.

The more the SocialGood EcosystemTM grows, the more it has the potential to enhance society. The major purpose of Social Good Foundation Inc. is to employ AI and blockchain technology to offer more value and assets to users, therefore changing and improving the present capitalist system.

SocialGood supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), helping to ensure that everyone has a fair future. The 17 aims are divided into four categories: mankind, nature, society, and the environment.

Shop more and make more difference with SocialGood - Aliens: AI Crypto News  & Markets Updates

Sustainable shopping acknowledges that our purchases have health, environmental, and social consequences. This is the community’s opportunity to back something that reflects their values.

The SocialGood initiative developed a business concept that allows people to buy things while earning cryptocurrency. By buying from the SocialGood application’s partner firms, all users who have purchased the program have received Crypto Back benefits in Singapore when they’ve satisfied the terms and requirements.

The SocialGood App is simple to use and navigate. In addition, the software promotes digital assets to those who are new to the crypto ecosystem by making it simple for them to get cryptocurrency.


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