Nomura, a Japanese financial services giant, is reportedly preparing to launch a cryptocurrency subsidiary. According to the Financial Times, the new company aims to diversify Nomura’s institutional clients into decentralized finance, cryptos and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The country’s largest investment bank plans to combine a number of digital asset services under a single wholly-owned subsidiary that will employ about 100 people by the end of 2023.

DRW’s crypto-trading arm Cumberland executed Nomura’s first  Bitcoin  (BTC) futures and options trades on Chicago-based CME last week. Nomura’s unveiling coincides with a spectacular crash in the value of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, sparking concerns about the entire crypto market.

With the new company, Nomura will compete with other global banks that are already offering products and services based on Bitcoin, stablecoins and other digital assets. The new company will be run by Nomura executives but will hire extensively from outside. There have been other global financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Bank of New York Mellon that have become involved in the cryptocurrency market in the past few years.

About 15 employees will initially be transferred to the new digital asset subsidiary of Nomura, which has not yet been given a name but will be led by Jez Mohideen who is currently Nomura’s Chief Digital Officer for its wholesale business.

“Any asset class at the moment that has discounted cash flow is all under huge stress in an inflationary environment. But, I think many managers will be looking and thinking about potentially allocating towards  blockchain  technology and blockchain opportunities,” a Nomura executive commented.

Recent Nomura Appointments

Robert Stark has recently been appointed as the new Head of Investment Management for Nomura Holding America Inc. (NHA). It will be Stark’s responsibility to grow and develop NHA’s investment management business with an emphasis on private markets.



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