A gang of six were convicted and given a jail term of six months for assaulting and robbing a crypto investment advisor in Dubai. According to Dubai police, a man and his wife were assaulted at their residence. Moreover, $200,000, two phones, three watches, and a diamond ring valued at Dh390,000 were stolen from the couple.  

The victim, a European cryptocurrency advisor, had offered his advice to the defendants regarding crypto investment. Following his advice, the group invested $30 million into a popular coin. The amount tripled overnight and the team made a massive profit. However, during the global crypto crash, the accused lost much of their money.

After the bone-crushing loss, the gang contacted the advisor asking him how he could compensate them for the loss. His advice was to invest in a new coin that hadn’t been officially launched. The group liked the idea and followed the advice. However, the new coin’s site was hacked, and the currency crashed.

This was when the disgruntled group invaded the couple’s home. They assaulted the investor and his wife, stole their belongings, and fled the scene.

“It is interesting to note that a lot of people are still unaware of the risks involved in cryptocurrency,” said one crypto investor. “You should conduct a detailed research into the coin, the project and the market before making any serious investment. Frankly, if you are thinking only of rewards, then it’s speculative trading. What you need is belief; you should believe in the coin you are investing in.”

Source: https://coinquora.com


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