Yvel, an Israeli fine jewelry company, has launched Independent Non-Fungible Security (INFS), a trading platform that combines blockchain with real-world, customizable assurances in the form of precious stone-decorated 24-karat gold coins.

Yvel began its ‘Genesis Phase,’ the pre-sale stage of these 2,500 24-karat gold coins. These tokens enable accredited investors to earn up to 25% of the platform’s income and engrave the token according to their preferences.

With the instability of standard NFTs and cryptocurrencies in mind, Yvel investigates INFS, which combines blockchain technology with a material protective layer to give digital security. Any corporation may issue INFS with customized guarantees on the INFS trading platform, delivering incentives through items, activities, subscription services, or profit-sharing.

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Yvel will create the INFS assets: 5,000 24-karat gold tokens with precious stone settings, of which 2,500 have already been issued, as the primary guarantee of INFS and its platform. The cost of these tokens is $10,000.

INFS provides physical protection and representation in the form of a valuable commodity. INFS may be held by investors and clients of a firm for profit, to exchange with other purchasers, or to redeem for $10,000 worth of Yvel jewelry.

On the occasion of the INFS launch, Yvel’s CEO, Eliaz Gabay, said that INFS symbolizes Yvel’s inherent principles and is a move toward driving the fine jewelry industry’s growth. Gabay continued, 

“INFS is our vision to evolve how blockchain financial products can serve investors in any company or project.”

With the launch of this initiative, Yvel joins the bandwagon of luxury companies that have been quick to embrace blockchain technology, like Gucci, Balmain, Lacoste, TAG Heuer, and Balenciaga.


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